Complete Integration

ScienceMedia integrates scientific writing, instructional design, eLearning development, delivery, and project management to support your training.

ScienceMedia's experience and exclusive focus on life sciences empowers organizations to deliver better results.
Value to your organization

  • Reduce redundancies, costs, and development time
  • Reuse, adapt, and expand material to meet the needs of various audiences
  • Consistent messaging throughout the product life cycle

Education Throughout a Product Life Cycle




Cognitive Learning

The interplay of multiple factors and nuances in science are better explained with visual learning. We apply a Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning that is supported by research. Information is better absorbed when multimedia is designed in ways that are consistent with how the human mind works.

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Continuous Learning

We learn over time. The best way to learn changes depending on where one is in the learning continuum. ScienceMedia provides different deliverables along this continuum.


When one begins to learn a new concept, such as a disease state, ScienceMedia typically delivers a series of one-hour eLearning modules with animation, professional voiceovers, and interactive knowledge checks.


To transfer the foundational training into real-world practice, ScienceMedia provides directed learning, tying components of the foundational learning to clinical papers, package inserts, and clinical studies.


When one is in the field and needs to perform as an expert, ScienceMedia provides quick references through the SMi Source search and retrieve system.

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ScienceMedia's dedicated in-house team of doctorate level writers, multimedia designers, and developers work collaboratively with client teams to create targeted solutions. Every engagement is managed to client objectives, budgets, and timelines.