SMi Source Lesson Biology: DNA Replication

  • SMi Source lesson Biology: DNA Replication has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. DNA Replication: Overview

    2. The Mechanism of DNA Replication

    3. The Accuracy of Replication

    4. DNA Replication: Summary

  • Lesson Biology: DNA Replication teaches these concepts

  • DNA Replication: Overview

  • Lesson Biology: DNA Replication addresses these key points

  • Li-Fraumeni Syndrome:

    • A hereditary disorder characterized by familial multiple tumors


    • A change in an organism's DNA

    Transcription factor:

    • A DNA-binding protein that helps turn genes on


    • Programmed cell death


    • A change in an organism's DNA

    Daughter cells have all the mutations of the parent cell, plus new mutations.