SMi Source Lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Oral Therapies

  • SMi Source lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Oral Therapies has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Pharmacokinetics

    2. Introduction to PK

    3. Pharmacokinetics: Absorption

    4. Bioavailability

    5. Low Bioavailability

    6. Assessment of Bioavailability

    7. Self-Check: Bioavailability

    8. Self-Check: Absorption

    9. Pharmacokinetics: Distribution

    10. Self-Check: Volume of Distribution

    11. Pharmacokinetics: Metabolism

    12. Pharmacokinetics: Excretion

    13. Self-Check: Hepatic/Renal Dysfunction

    14. Monitoring

    15. Other Laboratory Values: CBC, RBC, WCB, Platelets

    16. Other Laboratory Values: Hepatic Function and Inflammation

    17. Summary: Oral Therapies

  • Lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Oral Therapies teaches these concepts

  • Oral Therapies, Welcome: Oral Therapies, Pharmacokinetics

  • Lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Oral Therapies addresses these key points

  • Pharmacokinetics

    • Important in drug discovery and development
    • A quantitative description
    • What the body does to a drug
    • Over time
    • Parameters include (ADME):
      • Absorption
      • Distribution
      • Metabolism
      • Excretion
  • Lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Oral Therapies is built from these main references. Log into SMi Source for a complete list and details.

  • Khojasteh SC, Wong H, Hop CECA. Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Quick Guide. Chapter 1: Pharmacokinetics. Springer, New York. 2011.