SMi Source Lesson Alzheimer's Disease: Biomarkers

  • SMi Source lesson Alzheimer's Disease: Biomarkers has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Learning Objectives

    2. Search for Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease

    3. Characteristics of an Ideal Biomarker

    4. Biomarkers and Development of Clinical Therapeutics

    5. Biomarkers and Development of Clinical Therapeutics: ADNI

    6. Candidate Biomarkers in AD Based on Neuropathology

    7. Candidate Biomarkers in AD Based on Genetic Profile

    8. Alzheimer's Disease vs. MCI vs. Normal Aging

    9. AD Progression, Biomarkers and Pharmacological Therapy

    10. ADNI Biomarker Initiative Hypothetical Model

    11. Temporal Ordering of Biomarkers and AD Progression

    12. Models of AD Initiation and Progression

    13. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Biomarkers

    14. CSF Biomarkers: Aβ42

    15. CSF Biomarkers: T-tau and P-tau

    16. CSF Biomarkers Signature

    17. Plasma Biomarkers

    18. MRI and Ventricular Expansion

    19. PET, Biomarkers and Cognition

    20. CSF Biomarkers

    21. CSF Biomarkers Study

    22. MRI

    23. Presymptomatic Diagnosis of AD Pathology

    24. Knowledge Checks: CSF Biomarkers

    25. CSF Biomarkers

    26. PET

    27. FDG-PET by Prespecified Regions of Interest (ROIs)

    28. FDG-PET by Voxel-Based Approaches

    29. SD-SSP PET Approaches

    30. Amyloid Imaging with [11C]PIB PET: PIB-PET

    31. Amyloid Imaging with [11C]PIB PET: PIB Positivity

    32. Amyloid Imaging with AV-45

    33. Knowledge Check: Biomarker Predictors

    34. Value of Biochemical Markers in Drug Development

    35. Biomarkers May Bridge the Gap between Animal Studies and Large Clinical Trials

    36. Biomarkers to Monitor and Track Biochemical Drug Effects

    37. Biomarkers and Biochemical Drug Effects

    38. Knowledge Check: Biomarker Uses

    39. Biomarkers as Surrogate Markers

    40. Surrogate Marker Use at This Point