SMi Source Lesson Alzheimer's Disease: Epidemiology of Dementia

  • SMi Source lesson Alzheimer's Disease: Epidemiology of Dementia has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Learning Objectives

    2. Introduction: Incidence and Prevalence of Dementia

    3. Epidemiology of Dementia

    4. Longitudinal Studies: Observational Cohort and Case-Control

    5. Longitudinal Studies: Age-Associated Diseases

    6. Prevalence of Dementia Worldwide: DAD

    7. Prevalence of Dementia Worldwide: DAD, Vascular, or Other Dementia

    8. Incidence of Dementia

    9. Risk Factors for AD

    10. Non-modifiable Risk Factors: Age, Gender and Family History

    11. Ethnicity

    12. Genetics: Familial DAD

    13. Genetics: Sporadic DAD - Isoform ApoE4

    14. Genetics: Sporadic DAD - Newly Discovered Genes and Down Syndrome

    15. Hypertension

    16. Metabolic Syndrome, Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

    17. Obesity and Hyperlipidemia

    18. Hyperlipidemia and Diet

    19. Exercise, Smoking, and Depression

    20. Low Education Level Increases Risk for Dementia

    21. Marriage and Supplement Use (NSAIDs, Nutraceuticals)

    22. Environmental Exposures

    23. Summary: Epidemiological Research