SMi Source Lesson Biology: Angiogenesis

  • SMi Source lesson Biology: Angiogenesis has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Introduction

    2. Functions of Angiogenesis

    3. Regulation of Angiogenesis

    4. Regulation of Angiogenesis: Inhibitors

    5. Angiogenesis Process

    6. Knowledge Check: Pro- or Anti-angiogenic

    7. Knowledge Check: Endothelial Cells

    8. Knowledge Check: Definitions of Angiogenesis Terminology

    9. Knowledge Check: Binding of Pro-Angiogenic Cytokines

    10. VEGF Family of Cytokines and Receptors

    11. VEGF Production

    12. MAP Kinase Pathway

    13. MAP Kinase Pathway and PI3 Kinase Pathway

    14. Knowledge Check: VEGF Receptors

    15. Knowledge Check: Steps in Activation of Small G-Proteins

    16. Knowledge Check: VEGF Expression

    17. Knowledge Check: Signaling Pathway Downstream of VEGF

    18. Diseases Associated with Uncontrolled Angiogenesis

    19. Angiogenesis in Cancer

    20. Angiogenesis and Cancer: The Angiogenic Switch

    21. Anti-angiogenesic Cancer Therapies

    22. Anti-angiogenesic Cancer Therapies: VEGF Pathway Inhibition

    23. Knowledge Check: Abnormalities in Tumor-Associated Vasculature

    24. Knowledge Check: Angiogenic Switch

    25. Knowledge Check: Anti-Angiogenic Therapies

    26. Knowledge Check: Disease States

    27. Knowledge Check: Angiogenesis and Cancer

    28. Summary: Angiogenesis

  • Lesson Biology: Angiogenesis is built from these main references. Log into SMi Source for a complete list and details.

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