SMi Source Lesson Biology: DNA Discovery and Structure

  • SMi Source lesson Biology: DNA Discovery and Structure has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Accumulation of Biological Knowledge: Trait Inheritance

    2. Accumulation of Biological Knowledge: Chromosomes and DNA

    3. Biological Discovery Process

    4. Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance

    5. Bacterial Transformation

    6. First Bacterial Transformation Experiments

    7. DNA: The Transforming Agent

    8. Bacteriophage Experiment

    9. Bacteriophage Experiment: Outcome

    10. Bacteriophage Experiment: DNA is the Genetic Material

    11. Nucleotides

    12. DNA: A Double Helix

    13. Chargaff's Rules

    14. Antiparallel Orientation

    15. Strands Serving as Templates for the Synthesis of New Strands

    16. Determining the Sequence of Nucleotides

    17. Implications of the Discovery of DNA's Structure

    18. DNA Structure: Mechanism to Ensure Accuracy of DNA Replication

    19. DNA: The Genetic Material

    20. DNA: A Double Helix

    21. DNA Structure: Accurate Mechanism for DNA Replication

    22. Biological Discovery

  • Lesson Biology: DNA Discovery and Structure teaches these concepts

  • DNA Discovery and Structure, Overview, Accumulation of Biological Knowledge: Trait Inheritance

  • Lesson Biology: DNA Discovery and Structure addresses these key points

  • The accumulation of biological knowledge is a gradual process.