SMi Source Lesson Drug R&D: Clinical Trial Design

  • SMi Source lesson Drug R&D: Clinical Trial Design has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Drug Development Overview

    2. Clinical Trials in Drug Development

    3. Study Objectives

    4. Endpoints

    5. Minimizing Bias

    6. Types of Studies

    7. Application of Design

    8. Conclusion

  • Lesson Drug R&D: Clinical Trial Design teaches these concepts

  • Clinical Trial Design, Drug Development Overview, Clinical Trial

    Clinical Trial Design, Drug Development Overview, Drug Development

  • Lesson Drug R&D: Clinical Trial Design addresses these key points

  • Clinical Trial

    • Research studies conducted with human subjects
    • Mandated by regulatory agencies worldwide before any new drug reaches the marketplace
    • Proper conduct of clinical trials is challenging, complex, time-consuming and expensive
    • Bringing one new drug to market costs $1.3 billion and takes up to 15 years
    • Approximately $626 million alone are needed just for the required clinical studies

    Drug Development

    • Computer modeling
    • Automated testing
    • Scientific meetings
    • External collaborations
    • Licensing opportunities