SMi Source Lesson HIV: Clinical Research Studies

  • SMi Source lesson HIV: Clinical Research Studies has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. The Practice of Medicine is Dynamic

    2. Active-Controlled Trials

    3. Interactive Exercise: Study Design

    4. Research Study Design

    5. Interactive Exercise: Clinical Trials

    6. Types of Clinical Studies

    7. Interactive Exercise: Study Design

    8. The Methods of Research Studies

    9. Interactive Exercise: Elements of Study Design

    10. Significance of Study Results

    11. Interactive Exercise: Null Hypothesis

    12. Significance Tests

    13. Interactive Exercise: Errors

    14. Interactive Exercise: Significance

    15. p-Values

    16. Interactive Exercise: Significance

    17. Confidence Intervals

    18. Interactive Exercise: Confidence Intervals and p-Values

    19. Clinical Publications: Studies of New Drugs or New Ways of Using Existing Treatments

  • Lesson HIV: Clinical Research Studies teaches these concepts

  • Clinical Research Studies, Introduction to Clinical Research, The Practice of Medicine is Dynamic

  • Lesson HIV: Clinical Research Studies addresses these key points

  • The Practice of Medicine is Dynamic

    • The results of a well-designed clinical study can change how a physician prescribes medications

    Changing Medical Practice

    • Conclusions
    • Investigators
    • Size & duration
    • Controls
    • Exclusions & withdrawals
    • Statistical evidence
    • Corroborating results

    Study Protocol

    • Patient type
    • Schedules of tests & procedures
    • Drugs & dosages
    • Duration

    Dissemination of Medical Research

    • Clinical studies
    • Colleagues
    • Professional meetings
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
    • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives