SMi Source Lesson HIV: Therapeutic Regimens

  • SMi Source lesson HIV: Therapeutic Regimens has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Starting Treatment

    2. HAART

    3. Drug Combinations

    4. HAART-Associated Adverse Clinical Events

    5. Acute HIV Infection

    6. Resistance Testing

    7. Adherence

    8. Interruption of Antiretroviral Therapy

    9. Changing Antiretroviral Therapy After Virologic Failure

    10. Risks and Benefits

    11. Therapeutic Regimens Recommended Antiretroviral Regimens

  • Lesson HIV: Therapeutic Regimens teaches these concepts

  • When to Start Treatment, HIV, AIDS

    When to Start Treatment, Interactivity, HIV, AIDS

  • Lesson HIV: Therapeutic Regimens addresses these key points

    • Many factors must be considered before initiating drug therapy for HIV infected individuals.
    • CD4 positive T cell counts of less than 200 cells per cubic millimeter of plasma or other symptoms of AIDS should be treated.
    • Effectiveness of drugs must be balanced with adverse side effects and toxicity.
    • Individual must be ready to comply
    • Poor compliance increases risk of resistance and failure.
    • Antiretroviral treatment should be offered to asymptomatic individuals who have CD4 counts less than or equal to 350 cells/mm3 or plasma levels greater than 55,000 copies/mL.

    Recommendation to treat asymtomatic patients should be based on:

    • Willingness and readiness of the person to begin therapy.
    • Degree of existing immunodeficiency as determined by the CD4+ cell count.
    • Risk for disease progression as determined by the CD4+ T cell count and level of plasma HIV RNA.
    • Potential benefits and risks of initiating therapy in an asymptomatic person.
    • Likelihood of adherence to the prescribed treatment regimen.
    • Have you been diagnosed with AIDS or advanced HIV disease (severe symptoms)?
    • Do you have a CD4+ T cell count3 with no symptoms?
    • Do you have a CD4+ T cell count >200 cells/mm3 but3 with no symptoms?
    • Do you have a CD4+ cell count >350 cells/mm3 with no symptoms and a viral load
    • Do you have a CD4+ cell count >350 cells/mm3 with no symptoms and a viral load >55,000 copies/mL?