SMi Source Lesson Lupus: Treatments

  • SMi Source lesson Lupus: Treatments has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Treatment of SLE

    2. Goals of SLE Therapy

    3. Therapeutic Approach: Guidelines

    4. Therapies: Approved and Off-Label

    5. SLE Treatments: NSAIDs

    6. NSAIDs in SLE

    7. SLE Treatments: Glucocorticoids

    8. Treatments: Steroids

    9. Steroids

    10. Glucocorticoids: Efficacy

    11. Antimalarials: Indicated for Use in SLE

    12. Antimalarials: Mode of Action

    13. Antimalarials: Side Effects

    14. Antimalarials: Efficacy

    15. SLE Treatments: Immunosuppressants

    16. SLE Treatments: Immunosuppressants

    17. SLE Treatments: Immunosuppressants

    18. SLE Treatments: Immunosuppressants

    19. SLE Treatments: Immunosuppressants

    20. SLE Treatments: Immunosuppressants

    21. Immunosuppressants: Leflunomide

    22. Immunosuppressants: Tacrolimus

    23. Immunosuppressants: Sirolimus

    24. Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) Biologics: Introduction

    25. SLE Treatments: MAbs/Biologics

    26. SLE Treatments: MAbs/Biologics

    27. SLE Treatments: MAbs/Biologics

    28. SLE Treatments: MAbs/Biologics

    29. SLE Treatments: MAbs/Biologics

    30. SLE Treatments: MAbs/Biologics

    31. Danazol

    32. SLE Treatments: Other

    33. SLE Treatments: Other

    34. Emerging Therapies for SLE

  • Lesson Lupus: Treatments teaches these concepts

  • Lupus Treatments, Introduction: Lupus Treatments, Treatment of SLE

  • Lesson Lupus: Treatments addresses these key points

  • Introduction

    • SLE is a complex, chronic autoimmune disease
    • Affects multiple organs
    • Difficult to diagnose
    • Approximately 1.5 million Americans have some form of lupus
    • Large unmet need in the treatment of SLE
    • Benlysta® first new drug approved for SLE in decades
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