SMi Source Lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Patient Experience

  • SMi Source lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Patient Experience has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Welcome to the Patient Experience

    2. Timeline of Diagnostic Criteria and Therapy

    3. MS is a Clinical Diagnosis

    4. Lesions Visible on MRI

    5. Diagnosis: Engagement

    6. Engagement: Management

    7. Hypothetical Case

  • Lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Patient Experience teaches these concepts

  • The Patient Experience, Welcome, Welcome to the Patient Experience

  • Lesson Multiple Sclerosis: Patient Experience addresses these key points

  • Progression of multiple sclerosis is unpredictable.

    • Disease varies from patient to patient
    • Symptoms may vary greatly within a given patient over time
    Most crucial challenges with chronic diseases like MS:
    • There is no cure for chronic diseases; management over time is essential.
    • The patient must engage continously in obtaining the best care for their situation.

    Acute disease characteristics

    • Abrupt onset
    • Limited duration
    • Usually single cause
    • Diagnosis and prognosis commonly accurate
    • Self-limited, or specific therapy available
    • Technological intervention, usually effective (laboratory testing, imaging, medication, surgery)
    • Cure likely with return to normal health
    • Minimal uncertainty

    Chronic Disease Characteristics

    • Gradual onset common
    • Unfolds over time
    • Multivariate causation, changing over time
    • Undulating course
    • Diagnosis often uncertain, prognosis obscure
    • Indecisive technologies and therapies with adversities
    • No cure, management over time necessary
    • Uncertainty pervasive
    • The patient and the healthcare professional must share knowledge and work together.
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