SMi Source Lesson Neurology: Migraines

  • SMi Source lesson Neurology: Migraines has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Scientific Background of Migraines: Overview

    2. Symptoms of Migraine

    3. Types of Migraine

    4. The Evolution of Migraine

    5. Knowledge Check: Symptoms of Migraine

    6. Knowledge Check: Phases of Migraine

    7. Knowledge Check: Subtype of Migraine

    8. Diagnosis of Migraine

    9. Differential Diagnosis of Migraine

    10. Knowledge Check: ICHD Diagnostic Criteria

    11. Knowledge Check: Misdiagnosis of Migraine

    12. Knowledge Check: POUND Criteria

    13. Pathophysiology of Migraine

    14. CGRP in Migraine

    15. Knowledge Check: Migraine Attack

    16. Knowledge Check: Source of CGRP

    17. Risk Factors

    18. Burden and Triggers

    19. Knowledge Check: Risk of Developing Migraine

    20. Scientific Background of Migraines: Summary

  • Lesson Neurology: Migraines teaches these concepts

  • Scientific Background of Migraines

    Scientific Background of Migraines: Introductions

    Scientific Background of Migraines: Overview

  • Lesson Neurology: Migraines addresses these key points

  • Overview

    • Symptoms of Migraine
    • Types of Migraine 
    • Diagnostic Criteria 
    • Pathophysiology of Migraine 
    • Population at Risk 
    • Triggers for Migraine 
    • Summary