SMi Source Lesson Neurology: Parkinson's Disease

  • SMi Source lesson Neurology: Parkinson's Disease has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Parkinson's Disease: Introduction and Overview

    2. Parkinson's Disease: Introduction and Overview

    3. Disease Progression

    4. Symptoms

    5. Symptoms: Secondary Motor and Other Signs

    6. Symptoms: Non-Motor

    7. Symptoms: Sleep Disorders

    8. Knowledge Check: PD Symptoms

    9. Knowledge Check: Parkinsonian Gait

    10. Knowledge Check: Psychiatric/Cognitive Disorders

    11. Knowledge Check: Akinesia

    12. Incidence and Prevalence, Demographics and Risk Factors

    13. Juvenile-Onset Parkinson's Disease

    14. Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease

    15. Demographics and Risk Factors

    16. Burden of Disease

    17. Knowledge Check: PD Risk Factors

    18. Knowledge Check: Prevalence of Parkinson's Disease

    19. Knowledge Check: Decreased QoL in PD Patients

    20. Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease and Environmental Factors

    21. Genetics

    22. Knowledge Check: Monogenic Disease

    23. Knowledge Check: Environmental Effects on PD

    24. Dopamine Hypothesis of PD

    25. Lewy Pathology

    26. Lewy Pathology and Stages of Development

    27. Knowledge Check: Pathology of Parkinson's Disease

    28. Knowledge Check: Lewy Bodies

    29. Knowledge Check: Dopamine Concentration

    30. Knowledge Check: alpha-Synuclein

    31. Knowledge Check: Braak Stages and Lewy Bodies

    32. Knowledge Check: Braak Stages 5 and 6

    33. Hoehn and Yahr Scale, Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale, and Other Scales

    34. Knowledge Check: Hoehn and Yahr Scale

    35. Knowledge Check: HY Stage 5

    36. Knowledge Check: UPDRS

  • Lesson Neurology: Parkinson's Disease teaches these concepts

  • Parkinson's Disease

    Parkinson's Disease: Introduction and Overview

  • Lesson Neurology: Parkinson's Disease addresses these key points

  • Introduction

    James Parkinson

    • Parkinson’s disease (PD) was initially described by British physician James Parkinson
    • Established it as a recognized medical condition

    Jean-Martin Charcot

    • Refined the clinical description
    • Named the disease after James Parkinson

    The initial cause of Parkinson’s disease is largely unknown, and no cure yet exists.

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  • Lesson Neurology: Parkinson's Disease introduces and defines these terms

  • PD = Parkinson's Disease