SMi Source Lesson Oncology: Colorectal Cancer

  • SMi Source lesson Oncology: Colorectal Cancer has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Overview of Colorectal Cancer

    2. Anatomy of the Large Intestine

    3. Symptoms of CRC

    4. Deaths from CRC in the United States

    5. Risk Factors for CRC

    6. Non-Modifiable Risk Factors

    7. Pathophysiology of CRC

    8. CRC Staging: Primary Tumor Categories

    9. Knowledge Check: Development of CRC

    10. Knowledge Check: Symptoms of CRC

    11. Knowledge Check: Diagnosis of CRC

    12. Management of Colorectal Cancer: Introduction

    13. Targeted Therapies

    14. Overview of Stage IV (Metastatic) CRC

    15. Knowledge Check: Surgical Management of CRC

    16. Knowledge Check: Matching

    17. Knowledge Check: Treatment of Unresectable Metastatic CRC

  • Lesson Oncology: Colorectal Cancer teaches these concepts

  • Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal Cancer: Introduction

    Overview of Colorectal Cancer

  • Lesson Oncology: Colorectal Cancer addresses these key points

  • Overview of Colorectal Cancer

    • Lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer (CRC)
      • Men: 1 in 21
      • Women: 1 in 23
    • Majority of cases develop slowly over a 5–15 year period
    • Detected during the localized stage
      • 5-year survival rate ~90%
    • 25% of CRC cases diagnosed at metastatic stage
    • 50–60% of all CRC patients develop metastatic disease
    • 5-year survival rate ~13% for metastatic disease

    Overview of Colorectal Cancer

    Specific areas that will be detailed here include:

    • Epidemiology and etiology of CRC
    • Risk factors for CRC development
    • CRC staging based on the current TNM staging system
    • Surgical and systemic treatment options for CRC
    • NCCN treatment recommendations for each stage

    Learning Objectives

    After completing this module, you should be able to:

    • Describe the characteristic features of CRC, including:
      • Epidemiological implications of CRC 
      • Risk factors for CRC development
    • Identify the prognostic implications of CRC staging and mutational status.
    • Recall the management and treatment of stage I-III CRC.
    • Explain the treatment recommendations made for metastatic CRC in the NCCN guidelines.
  • Lesson Oncology: Colorectal Cancer is built from these main references. Log into SMi Source for a complete list and details.

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  • Lesson Oncology: Colorectal Cancer introduces and defines these terms

  • CRC = Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal Cancer: a neoplastic disease that originates in the colon or the rectum.