SMi Source Lesson Oncology: Gastric Cancer

  • SMi Source lesson Oncology: Gastric Cancer has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Introduction

    2. Overview of Digestion

    3. Major Organs of the Digestive System

    4. Anatomy of the Upper GI Tract

    5. Microanatomy of the Upper GI Tract

    6. Knowledge Check: Digestive System Organs

    7. Knowledge Check: Anatomy of the Stomach

    8. Knowledge Check: Inner Lining of the Stomach

    9. Gastric Cancer Definitions

    10. Gastric Cancer Epidemiology

    11. Regional Variations

    12. Epidemiology of Gastric Cancer

    13. Quality of Life (QOL)

    14. Knowledge Check: Upper GI Tract Cancer

    15. Knowledge Check: Anatomy of the Stomach

    16. Knowledge Check: Gastric Cancer in the United States

    17. Knowledge Check: Gastric Cancer Patients and Pain

    18. Types of Gastric Cancer by Histology

    19. Stomach Cancer Etiology and Risk Factors

    20. Knowledge Check: Histology of Gastric and GEJ Cancers

    21. Symptoms Associated with Gastric Cancer

    22. Clinical Evaluation of Gastric Cancer

    23. Biomarkers Used in Gastric Cancer

    24. Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer

    25. Tumor Nodes Metastasis (TNM) Staging

    26. Tumor Nodes Metastasis (TNM) Stages: Stage 0, Stage I-III, Stage IV

    27. Knowledge Check: Gastric Cancer Diagnosis

    28. Knowledge Check: Cancer and Advanced Disease