SMi Source Lesson Oncology Primer: Immunology of Cancer

  • SMi Source lesson Oncology Primer: Immunology of Cancer has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Immunology of Cancer: Introduction

    2. Cancer Immunosurveillance

    3. Cancer Immunoediting

    4. Knowledge Check: Theory of Cancer Immunoediting

    5. Knowledge Check: Evasion Strategies Contributing to Tumor Escape

    6. Innate Versus Adaptive Immunity in Anti-tumor Responses

    7. Innate Tumor Immunity: Natural Killer Cells

    8. Innate Tumor Immunity: Macrophages

    9. Dendritic Cells and Anti-tumor Immunity

    10. Knowledge Check: Innate Immune Response

    11. Knowledge Check: Innate Immune Cell Type

    12. Induction of Adaptive T Cell Immunity

    13. Antigen Presentation and T Cell Activation

    14. Cytotoxic T Cells (CTLs) and Tumor Cell Killing

    15. CD4+ T Helper Cells and Tumor Immunity

    16. Knowledge Check: Co-stimulatory or Inhibitory Molecules

    17. Knowledge Check: T Cell Subsets

    18. Overview of Immunosuppressive Mechanisms

    19. Evasion of T Cell Recognition or Activation

    20. Knowledge Check: Evasion of Immune Detection

    21. Knowledge Check: Tumor Escape

    22. Cancer Immunotherapy

    23. Adoptive T Cell Transfer

    24. Cancer Vaccines

    25. Knowledge Check: Monoclonal Antibodies

    26. Knowledge Check: Sipuleucel-T

  • Lesson Oncology Primer: Immunology of Cancer teaches these concepts

  • Immunology of Cancer

    Immunology of Cancer: Introduction



  • Lesson Oncology Primer: Immunology of Cancer addresses these key points

  • Welcome and Introduction

    Concepts in Cancer Immunology

    • Cancer immunosurveillance
    • Cancer immunoediting
      • Elimination
      • Equilibrium
      • Escape

    Innate Immunity

    • Innate versus adaptive immunity
    • Elements of the innate response
      • Natural killer cells
      • Macrophages
      • Dendritic cells

    Adaptive T Cell Immunity

    • Induction of T cell immunity
      • Presentation of tumor antigen
      • Co-stimulation of T cell activation
    • Cytotoxic T cells and tumor immunity
      • Killing mechanisms
      • Priming and effector phases
    • T helper cells and tumor immunity
      • Th1 and Th2 cells
      • Th17 cells
      • Inducible regulatory T cells (iTregs)

    Suppression of Tumor Immunity

    • Immunosuppressive factors and cells
    • Induction of dendritic cell dysfunction
    • Evasion of T cell recognition and activation

    Cancer Immunotherapy

    • Overview
    • Immune checkpoint inhibitors
    • Adoptive T cell transfer
    • Therapeutic cancer vaccines