SMi Source Lesson Oncology Primer: Overview

  • SMi Source lesson Oncology Primer: Overview has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Cancer Overview: Welcome

    2. Cancer Terminology

    3. Primary Hallmark Capabilities of Cancer Cells

    4. Autonomous Growth Signaling

    5. Autonomous Proliferative Signaling

    6. Evasion of Growth Suppressors

    7. Evasion of Cell Death

    8. Potential for Limitless Replication

    9. Induction of Sustained Angiogenesis

    10. Invasion and Metastasis

    11. Reprogramming Energy Metabolism

    12. Evading Immune Destruction

    13. Enabling Characteristics

    14. Knowledge Check: Caretaker Genes

    15. Knowledge Check: Cancer Cell Characteristics

    16. Knowledge Check: Cancer Hallmarks

    17. Knowledge Check: Pro-Angiogenic Factors in Tumor Development

  • Lesson Oncology Primer: Overview teaches these concepts

  • Cancer Overview

    Cancer Overview: Introduction

    Cancer Overview: Welcome

  • Lesson Oncology Primer: Overview addresses these key points

  • Welcome


    Common cancer terms and definitions

    • Cancer
    • Carcinogenesis
    • Oncogene
    • Metastasis

    Central hallmarks of cancer cells

    • Capacity for autonomous proliferative signaling
    • Ability to evade or circumvent growth suppressors
    • Increased resistance to cell death
    • Potential for limitless replication
    • Capacity to induce sustained angiogenesis
    • Ability to invade and metastasize
    • Facility to alter or reprogram energy metabolism 
    • Capacity to evade the host's immune response

    ‘Enablers’ of cancer hallmark properties

    • Genomic instability
    • Tumor inflammation