SMi Source Lesson Oncology: Prostate Cancer

  • SMi Source lesson Oncology: Prostate Cancer has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Prostate Cancer: Introduction

    2. Location and Function of the Prostate Gland

    3. Knowledge Check: Prostate Zone

    4. Knowledge Check: Peripheral Zone

    5. Classification of Prostate Cancers

    6. Knowledge Check: Prostate Cancer

    7. Knowledge Check: Prostate Cancer Development

    8. The Etiology of Prostate Cancer

    9. Role of Genetic Factors

    10. Role of Androgens

    11. Knowledge Check: Etiology of Prostate Cancer

    12. Knowledge Check: Development of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

    13. Global Statistics of Prostate Cancer

    14. United States Statistics

    15. Knowledge Check: Prostate Cancer Incidence and Death Rates Worldwide

    16. Knowledge Check: 5-Year Survival Rate

    17. Primary Risk Factors

    18. Knowledge Check: Biggest Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer

    19. Knowledge Check: Prostate Cancer Development

    20. Detection of Prostate Cancer: Detection Methods

    21. Detection of Prostate Cancer: The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

    22. Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

    23. Knowledge Check: PSA Test

    24. Knowledge Check: Digital Rectal Exam

    25. American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) TNM System

    26. The Gleason Grading System

    27. Staging into Prognostic Groups

    28. Knowledge Check: AJCC TNM Staging System

    29. Knowledge Check: Gleason Scores

    30. Treatment Options for Localized Disease: Standard Treatment Options

    31. Treatment Options for Localized Disease: Radiation Therapy

    32. Treatment Options for Localized Disease: Hormone Therapy

    33. Treatment Options for Localized Disease: Antiandrogens

    34. Treatment Options for Metastatic Disease:Recommendations

    35. Treatment Options for Metastatic Disease: Sipuleucel-T Immunotherapy

    36. Treatment Options for Metastatic Disease

    37. Knowledge Check: NCCN Recommendation

    38. Knowledge Check: Matching

  • Lesson Oncology: Prostate Cancer teaches these concepts

  • Prostate Cancer

    Prostate Cancer: Introduction

  • Lesson Oncology: Prostate Cancer addresses these key points

  • Welcome and Introduction

    Anatomy of the Prostate

    Prostate cancers and precursor lesions

    • Classification of prostate cancers
    • Precursor lesions

    Etiology of prostate cancer

    • Overview of prostate cancer pathogenesis
    • Role of inflammation
    • Role of genetic factors
    • Role of androgens
    • Development of androgen resistance

    Epidemiology of prostate cancer

    • Global statistics
    • United States statistics

    Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

    Prostate cancer detection and signs

    • Digital rectal exam (DRE)
    • Transrectal ultrasound
    • Prostate specific antigen (PSA) test
    • Symptoms of prostate cancer


    • TNM staging
    • Gleason grading system
    • Staging into prognostic groups

    Treatment options and guidelines

    • Options and guidelines for localized disease
    • Options and guidelines for metastatic disease
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  • Prostate cancer facts and treatment information. Prostate Cancer Network website. 

  • Lesson Oncology: Prostate Cancer introduces and defines these terms

  • DRE = Digital Rectal Exam 

    PSA = Prostate Specific Antigen