SMi Source Lesson Oncology Treatment: Antineoplastic

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  • 1. Understanding Mechanisms

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  • Understanding Mechanisms of Targeted Antineoplastic Therapies, Conclusion: Antineoplastic Therapies

    Understanding Mechanisms of Targeted Antineoplastic Therapies, Introduction

    Understanding Mechanisms of Targeted Antineoplastic Therapies, Mechanism of Action

  • Lesson Oncology Treatment: Antineoplastic addresses these key points

  • Bexarotene: Results

    • Exposure is directly correlated with the expression of several genes that play important roles in:
      • Cellular differentiation
      • Proliferation
      • Apoptosis
    • Bexarotene is expanding the frontiers of treatment with oral small molecules that target intracellular pathways

    Oral chemotherapeutics 

    • Small molecules target malignant cells becoming treatments of choice for neoplastic diseases

    Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

    • Activated after an extracellular ligand binds to the kinase associated receptor

    Selective inhibition

    • Disrupt intracellular signaling events 
    • Eventually impact cellular homeostasis and regulation of gene expression

    Nuclear hormone receptor modulators

    • Play a direct role in regulating gene expression
    • Bexarotene, agonist for the Retinoid X Receptors


    • Binds in pairs with other nuclear receptors to specific sequences on the DNA 
    • Governs gene expression


    • High affinity to ligand binding domain of the RXR's
    • When binding to the Retinoid X Receptor, it causes conformational changes to the receptor-ligand complex