SMi Source Lesson Oncology Treatment: Sorafenib

  • SMi Source lesson Oncology Treatment: Sorafenib has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Activation of Class III Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

    2. Jak/Stat Signaling and Gene Transcription

  • Lesson Oncology Treatment: Sorafenib teaches these concepts

  • Sorafenib, Sorafenib Signal Transduction, Activation of Class III Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

  • Lesson Oncology Treatment: Sorafenib addresses these key points

  • c-Kit

    • Member of the class III tyrosine kinase family 
    • Activated by the growth factor, stem cell factor, or SCF

    Receptors of the class III tyrosine kinase family

    • A multimeric immunoglobulin-like extracellular domain
    • Membrane spanning region 
    • Intracellular kinase domain

    Growth factor

    • In unstimulated state, exist as monomers
    • Binding to the extracellular D2 region of the receptors promotes dimerization of the D4 and D5 regions
  • Lesson Oncology Treatment: Sorafenib is built from these main references. Log into SMi Source for a complete list and details.

  • J. Schlessinger. Cell Signaling by Receptor Tyrosine Kinases: From Basic Concepts to Clinical Applications.  American Society of Cell Biology.  San Diego, California.  December, 2006.