SMi Source Lesson Pharmacokinetics: PK in Action

  • SMi Source lesson Pharmacokinetics: PK in Action has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Learning Objectives

    2. Introduction

    3. Development of Successful Therapeutic Drugs and The Biology of the Animal and Physicochemical Properties of the Drug Determine Pharmacokinetics (PK)

    4. Drug Properties and Biology Determine Route of Drug Administration

    5. Basic Pharmacokinetic (PK) Principles

    6. Drug Absorption and an Array of Drug Modality Options

    7. Mechanisms of Drug Absorption

    8. Drug Distribution

    9. Factors that Affect Drug Distribution

    10. Barriers to Drug Distribution: At the Tissue Site

    11. Drug Elimination: Metabolism and Excretion

    12. Excretion

    13. Summary: Biological and Physiological Determinants of PK

    14. Determinants of Pharmacokinetics (PK) and Drug Exposure and Pharmacokinetics

    15. Fundamental PK Parameters, Fundamental Exposure PK Parameters, Drug Disposition and Systemic Drug Exposure

    16. Systemic Clearance

    17. Volume of Distribution

    18. Calculation of Vd at Steady State, Bioavailability and Drug Disposition

    19. Estimating PK Parameters

    20. Summary: Pk Parameters

    21. Knowledge Check: Drag and Drop

    22. Knowledge Check: PK Parameters

    23. Utility of PK Modeling

    24. One and Two-compartment Modeling

    25. Population PK

    26. Population Pharmacokinetics (or PPK)

    27. Population PK Approach Enables Sparse PK Sampling

    28. Population PK Approach and PK Sampling and Constructing a Population PK Model

    29. PK/PD Relationship, Drug Exposure and Pharmacodynamics

    30. PK/PD Models Combine

    31. Other Uses for PK/PD Modeling

    32. Summary: PK/PD Modeling

    33. Interactive Exercise: PK Stimulation

    34. PK in Action

    35. Toxicology: Species Selection

    36. PK Prediction

    37. Pharmacokinetic Drug-drug Interactions (DD)

    38. Drug-drug Interactions: Transporter-mediated

    39. Drug-drug Interactions: Transporter-mediated and Clinical Significance

    40. Bioequivalence and Comparability

    41. Selected Calculations: MRT (Mean Residence Time)

    42. Selected Calculations: Clearance

    43. Selected Calculations: Bioavailability

    44. Selected Calculations: Single Dose PK Exercises and Multiple-dose PK Equations

    45. Interactive Exercise: PK Stimulation - Therapeutic Effects

    46. Interactive Exercise: PK Stimulation - Toxic Effects

    47. Summary: Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development

    48. Pharmacokinetics and Drug Development