SMi Source Lesson Psoriasis: Biologics

  • SMi Source lesson Psoriasis: Biologics has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Introduction: Psoriasis Therapies and Treatments

    2. Introduction: Biologics for Psoriasis

    3. Immunosuppression

    4. Guidelines for Use of Biologics

    5. Biologic Targets

    6. Biologic Targets

    7. Adalimumab

    8. Adalimumab

    9. Adalimumab

    10. Adalimumab Warnings

    11. Infliximab

    12. Infliximab

    13. Pivotal Trials: Efficacy of Induction

    14. Infliximab

    15. Safety: Boxed Warning

    16. Etanercept

    17. Etanercept

    18. Safety

    19. Safety: Boxed Warning

    20. Ustekinumab

    21. Ustekinumab

    22. Ustekinumab Safety

    23. Summary: Psoriasis and Biologics

    24. Knowledge Check: Biologics Identification

    25. Knowledge Check: Biologics Safety Concerns

    26. Knowledge Check: Psoriasis Therapy Characteristics

  • Lesson Psoriasis: Biologics teaches these concepts

  • Biologics, Introduction: Psoriasis Therapies and Treatments

  • Lesson Psoriasis: Biologics addresses these key points

  • Psoriasis

    • Common
    • Chronic
    • Systemic
    • Immune-mediated inflammatory disease
    • Affects skin and joints

    Traditional systemic therapies

    • Small number
    • Immunosuppressive, antiproliferative effects on skin and immune system

    Newer treatments

    • Research advancements
    • Clearer appreciation of disease pathophysiology
    • New therapeutic targets
    • Development of biologics that target
      • TNFα
      • IL-12/23

    Biologic: A drug that is synthesized from living organisms or their products

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  • Lesson Psoriasis: Biologics introduces and defines these terms

  • Biologic: A drug that is synthesized from living organisms or their products