SMi Source Lesson Psoriasis: Clinical Picture

  • SMi Source lesson Psoriasis: Clinical Picture has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Introduction: Psoriasis

    2. Prevalence: Definition

    3. Prevalence

    4. Epidemiology

    5. Mortality and Survival

    6. Self Check: Prevalence of Psoriasis

    7. Self Check: Epidemiology of Psoriasis

    8. Signs and Symptoms

    9. Clinical Features/Presentation

    10. Extracutaneous Manifestations

    11. Typical Course of Plaque Psoriasis

    12. Self-Check: Psoriatic Arthritis

    13. Self-Check: Psoriasis

    14. Overview: Impact of Psoriasis

    15. Psychological Impact: Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

    16. Impact of Psoriasis

    17. Impact of Psoriasis

    18. Impact of Psoriasis

    19. Patient Scenario 1

    20. Patient Scenario 2

    21. Patient Scenario 3

    22. Diagnostic Methods of Criteria for Psoriasis

    23. Diagnostic Methods of Criteria for Psoriasis

    24. Differential Diagnosis

    25. Severity of Psoriasis

    26. Severity of Psoriasis: BSA Measurement

    27. No Widely Accepted Definition

    28. Clinical Assessment Tools

    29. Self-Check: Psoriasis Confusion

    30. Self-Check: Psoriasis Diagnosis

    31. Summary: Psoriasis

    32. Summary: Psoriasis

  • Lesson Psoriasis: Clinical Picture teaches these concepts

  • Clinical Picture of Psoriasis, Introduction: Psoriasis

  • Lesson Psoriasis: Clinical Picture addresses these key points

  • Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory, and proliferative skin disorder in which both genetic and environmental factors play important roles

    • Plaque psoriasis is the most common accounting for 80% to 90% of psoriasis patients and will be the focus of this module
  • Lesson Psoriasis: Clinical Picture is built from these main references. Log into SMi Source for a complete list and details.

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