SMi Source Lesson Reproduction: Hypogonadism Treatment of Males

  • SMi Source lesson Reproduction: Hypogonadism Treatment of Males has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Learning Objectives

    2. Introduction: Treatment of Male Hypogonadism

    3. Introduction: Classification

    4. Diagnosis of Suspected Androgen Deficiency

    5. Diagnosis of Suspected Androgen Deficiency: ISA/ISSAM/EAU/EAA/ASA

    6. Goals of Treatment for Male Hypogonadism

    7. Testosterone Therapy in Adult Men with Classical Androgen Deficiency - Recommendations and Outcome

    8. Testosterone Therapy in Adult Men with Classical Androgen Deficiency - Therapeutic Target

    9. Older Men with Low Serum Testosterone

    10. Testosterone Values

    11. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    12. Other Hormonal Therapies

    13. Available Agents

    14. Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Testosterone Enanthate

    15. Testosterone Enanthate: Dosage and Administration

    16. Testosterone Enanthate: Clinical Studies

    17. Testosterone Gel

    18. Testosterone Gel: Dosage and Administration

    19. Testosterone Gel: Clinical Studies

    20. Transdermal Testosterone Patch

    21. Transdermal Testosterone Patch: Dosage and Administration

    22. Transdermal Testosterone Patch: Clinical Studies

    23. Transdermal Testosterone Patch

    24. Buccal Testosterone System

    25. Buccal Testosterone System: Indications

    26. Buccal Testosterone System: Dosage and Administration

    27. Buccal Testosterone System: Clinical Studies

    28. Buccal Testosterone System

    29. Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Testosterone Pellets

    30. Testosterone Pellets: Indications

    31. Testosterone Pellets: Dosage and Administration

    32. Testosterone Pellets: Clinical Studies

    33. Warnings and Precautions

    34. Adverse Effects of Testosterone Replacement

    35. Monitoring Men Receiving Testosterone Therapy

    36. Potential Risks of Testosterone Replacement: Older Men

    37. Prostate - Background

    38. Prostate - Testosterone Registry

    39. Testosterone Inhibits Spermatogenesis

    40. Cardiovascular

    41. Erythrocyotosis

    42. Alternative Presentation of Therapy Assessment Questions

    43. Guidelines for Testosterone Replacement Therapy