SMi Source Lesson Rheumatoid Arthritis: Treatments with Biologics

  • SMi Source lesson Rheumatoid Arthritis: Treatments with Biologics has the following microlearning topics

  • 1. Learning Objectives

    2. Introduction to Biologic Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARDs)

    3. Biologic DMARDs: Background

    4. Background: Adverse Events

    5. Mechanism of Action: Etanercept

    6. Use: Indication for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dosage and Administration

    7. Warnings: Etanercept

    8. Mechanism of Action (MOA): Infliximab

    9. Use: Indication, Dosage and Administration for RA

    10. Warnings: Infliximab

    11. Mechanism of Action: Adalimumab

    12. Use in RA: Indications, Dosage and Administration

    13. Dosage, Administration, and Warnings

    14. Mechanism of Action: Golimumab

    15. Use and Indication for RA: Golimumab

    16. Warnings: Golimumab

    17. Mechanism of Action: Certolizumab Pegol

    18. Use, Indication for RA, Dosage and Administration: Certolizumab Pegol

    19. Warnings: Certolizumab Pegol

    20. Mechanism of Action (MOA): Anakinra & IL-1Ra

    21. Use in RA, Indications, Dosage and Administration: Anakinra

    22. Warnings: Anakinra

    23. Mechanism of Action (MOA): Abatacept & CTLA4

    24. Use, Indication for RA, Dosage and Administration: Abatacept

    25. Warnings: Abatacept

    26. Mechanism of Action (MOA): Rituximab

    27. Use, Indication for RA, Dosage and Administration: Rituximab

    28. Recommended Dose for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Concomitant Medications: Rituximab

    29. Warnings: Rituximab

    30. Mechanism of Action: Tocilizumab

    31. Use, Indication, Dosage and Administration: Tocilizumab

    32. Dosage Modifications: Tocilizumab

    33. Warnings: Tocilizumab

    34. Initial studies with Monoclonal Antibodies

    35. Clinical Trials of Biologic RA Treatments

    36. Introduction: Clinical Trials of Biologic Agents

    37. Etanercept: Clinical Studies

    38. Infliximab: Clinical Studies

    39. Adalimumab: Clinical Studies

    40. Golimumab: Clinical Studies

    41. Certolizumab Pegol: Clinical Studies

    42. Anakinra: Clinical Studies

    43. Abatacept: Clinical Studies

    44. Rituximab: Clinical Studies

    45. Tocilizumab: Clinical Studies

    46. Comparisons of Clinical Trial Results

    47. Introduction: Review of Clinical Trials

    48. Biologic Treatments and Remission in Early RA

    49. Efficacy of Biologic Agent Monotherapy in MTX-Naive Patients

    50. Efficacy of Biologic Treatment and MTX Combination Therapy in MTX-Naive Patients

    51. Efficacy of Biologic Treatment and MTX Combination Therapy in MTX-Experienced Patients

    52. Efficacy of Combined Biologic Treatment and DMARD Therapy in DMARD-Experienced Patients

    53. Sequential Use of TNFα inhibitors

    54. Sequential Use of TNFα inhibitors: Comparing Studies

    55. Knowledge Check: Mechanism of Action

    56. Knowledge Check: Drug Characteristics

    57. Knowledge Check: DMARD

    58. Knowledge Check: Administration of Therapies

    59. Knowledge Check: Infections