Ensure Clinical Compliance for Trials

How do you ensure your medical staff and site personnel fully understand the operational trial steps?

  1. How do you train new staff in case of turnover?
  2. Do staff really remember all of the dosing requirements for a two-year trial?
How do you verify and record that each individual involved in your trial understands the new protocol regulations?
  1. Are language or cultural issues masking misunderstandings?
Death by PowerPoint is NOT the solution!

ScienceMedia applies modern principles of adult education to protocol training for trial site staff and study teams.

    1. Staff learn faster and retain more knowledge
    2. Staff refresh their medical knowledge with 24/7 access to clinical training
    3. Assessments record understanding and reveal misunderstanding
    4. Clinical education is consistent across ALL sites
    5. New staff have immediate access

How do you learn about a disease?

How do you train your CRA or trial team?

  1. Are your costly Medical Monitors tasked with the medical staff training?
  2. Is the slide deck from four years ago still current and effective?

ScienceMedia has a searchable online medical library of over 16,000 topics designed to train your staff about diseases, treatments, patients' journeys, and clinical approaches.

    1. 24/7 access to medical learning content from any device through Google-like search
    2. Updated and current clinical content
    3. Continually expanded disease coverage
    4. Cloud-based (IT and LMS administrators are NOT required)
    5. Empower your CRAs — Improve their clinical site interactions
    6. Free your medics and monitors from making outdated PowerPoints

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