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What Do Olympic Medalist Lindsey Vonn and Protocol Compliance Management Have in Common?

February 10th, 2022

Safety, efficiency, quality, endurance, and speed. These are the qualities needed for winning an Olympic medal, and what you should and can expect from active protocol compliance management. Through a dialogue of industry trends and real-world experiences, learn ways to reduce key risks to study startup and site performance in the context of site-based and hybrid trials, and recognize how significant study-related education is to improving compliance.

Guest speakers:
  • Mark Surles, CEO at ScienceMedia
  • Esther Howard, CEO at Bezyl

Transforming Investigator Meetings and Site Initiation Visits During a Global Pandemic

June 17, 2020

There has been a dramatic shift in the ways investigators and site staff must conduct their clinical trial operations since the COVID-19 pandemic. The drug development industry was quickly forced to adopt new, alternative solutions. However, the need for innovative transformations of sponsor's clinical operations began long before the pandemic. In this webinar, we discuss the overwhelming need for flexible innovation amongst site initiation visits (SIVs) and investigator meetings (IMs). Our panelists discuss the challenges and benefits of both SIVs and IMs and how the overall challenges continue to grow as virtual meetings become more widely used.

Guest speakers:
  • Mark Surles, CEO at ScienceMedia
  • Laura Vessey, Director, Early Development, Clinical Oncology, Johnson & Johnson
  • Surabhi Sharma, Director Clinical Sciences & Operations, Sanofi

Leveraging Virtual Training and Site Engagement Throughout a Study

March 3, 2021

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic the FDA has urged agencies around the world to modernize their clinical trials by using disruptive technology and decentralized training approaches. With more than half of ongoing trials being delayed due to the pandemic, the need for virtualization of clinical trials has risen dramatically. By prioritizing remote trial technology, sponsors can improve patient recruitment and lower operating costs of their trials. In this Q&A, we discuss the trends of training content in virtual settings, the challenges and benefits of those implemented IM and SIV training approaches, and the need for ongoing training during the course of the study.

Guest speakers:
  • Robert Geckeler, Product Director for SMi Trial at ScienceMedia
  • Kimberly Carlson, Director, Global Development Clinical Operations Program Leader for Janssen Research & Development

Making Notable Strides in Site Engagement in a COVID-19 Era: A Look beyond IMs and SIVs

November 18th, 2020

As COVID-19 unmanageably accelerates, so does the rate of disruption for clinical trial operations and the risk of increased protocol deviations. Drug development executives continue to be plagued with finding new means of sustaining site engagement, enhancing site training, and maintaining data quality throughout the life cycle of the trial. Methods must be employed to avoid communicative breakdowns between the site and the sponsor and elevate this partnership amidst COVID-inflicted restrictions. In this webinar, we engage in thorough discussions on optimizing and revolutionizing trial models to meet timelines and create cohesiveness amongst all players: the site, the sponsor, the CRO and the investigator.

Guest speakers:
  • Mark Surles, CEO at ScienceMedia
  • Dr. Michael Ropacki, Vice President, Clinical and Product Development and US Site Head — Oryzon Genomics
  • Sebella Miller, Senior Director, Head, Clinical Operations — US, Bristol Myers Squibb

The New A&E: Improving Virtual Trial Success Through Increased Attention & Engagement

October 1st, 2020

Clinical trials have adapted quickly to the virtual world by necessity and clinical teams are experimenting with new methods of virtual meetings, remote training, and study start up. In this webinar we review and examine the success and pitfalls of remote training solutions and global access to digital resources, as well as proven methods to increase attention & engagement for virtual teams. Learn from experienced pharmaceutical leaders on how solutions can be optimized for remote trials and how their lessons can improve all Investigator Meetings (IMs), Site Initiation Visits (SIVs), and clinical training.

Guest speakers:
  • Mark Surles, CEO at ScienceMedia
  • Archana Sah, Vice President, Head of Clinical Development Operations, Tizona Therapeutics, Inc.; & Oncology Board Chair, Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)
  • Jane Hiatt, Executive Director, Site Account Management and Site Monitoring, ESD CRD, Global Clinical Trial Operations, Merck Research Laboratories